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The Ripple Effect: How Dubai Floods are going to impact the job market and on Indians

The Ripple Effect: Dubai's Floods and the UAE Job Market - Impact on Indian Professionals The unprecedented flooding that struck Dubai in April 2024 sent shockwaves through the city, disrupting lives and businesses alike. While the immediate focus has been on recovery efforts, the long-term impact of the floods on the UAE's job market, particularly for Indian expatriates, deserves careful consideration. This article explores the potential consequences and offers insights for both current and aspiring Indian professionals in the UAE. Short-Term Impact: Disruptions and Delays Infrastructure Damage and Business Closures: Flooding can damage critical infrastructure, impacting logistics, transportation, and communication networks. This could lead to temporary business closures, project delays, and disruptions in various sectors, potentially causing job losses or reduced work hours in the short term. Focus on Relief and Recovery: In the immediate aftermath of the floods, govern

5 Superstitions related to Dubai Floods and their Scientific Explanations

Floods and Folklore: Debunking Superstitions Surrounding Dubai's Deluge The unprecedented flooding that struck Dubai in April 2024 left its mark not just on the city's infrastructure but also on its social fabric. In the aftermath of such a natural disaster, it's common for rumors and superstitions to spread. This article explores some popular superstitions surrounding the Dubai floods and debunks them from a scientific perspective. 1. The Mythical Break in the Great Wall of Magog One online rumor making the rounds suggested the deluge was caused by a break in the legendary "Great Wall of Magog." This mythical wall, said to confine a race of monstrous beings named Gog and Magog, supposedly exists somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains or Central Asia. Scientific Explanation: There's no scientific evidence to support the existence of the Great Wall of Magog or its role in controlling the weather. The April 2024 floods were likely caused by a combination of low-