Maersk International Job Vacancies in Canada - July 2024 listing - Apply Now for full time job

Maersk Drilling Job Vacancies in Canada (as of July 3, 2024) 

While Maersk is a global leader in container logistics, it appears their drilling operations fall under a separate entity, Maersk Drilling. Therefore, this report focuses on current job openings listed on Maersk's career portal for positions based in Canada.

Important Note: This report reflects the available job postings on the Maersk website as of July 3, 2024. Job listings are subject to change and may be removed or filled quickly.

No Drilling Positions Currently Available. Based on our search, there are currently no drilling-specific vacancies advertised on Maersk's career portal for Canadian locations. This doesn't necessarily mean there are no opportunities within Maersk Drilling Canada, but it suggests that current recruitment efforts are focused on other areas of the business. 

Available Opportunities in Canada

There are currently several openings advertised for Maersk Canada, though none are directly related to offshore drilling operations. These positions span various departments and may be of interest to candidates with relevant skills and experience:

Warehouse Occupational Health and Safety Advisor (OH&S) Delta, BC: This role focuses on ensuring a safe work environment within a warehouse setting. Responsibilities include developing and implementing safety programs, conducting safety audits, and providing training to staff.

Customer Experience Partner: This position involves providing exceptional customer service to Maersk's clients. The role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to build relationships and resolve customer inquiries.

Senior Customer Experience Partner: Building upon the responsibilities of the Customer Experience Partner role, this position offers additional leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Customer Experience Team Lead: This leadership role oversees a team of Customer Experience Partners, providing guidance and ensuring exceptional service delivery to clients.

Business Development Manager: This position focuses on identifying and developing new business opportunities for Maersk in Canada. Responsibilities include market research, competitor analysis, and building relationships with potential customers.

Procurement Manager: This role oversees the procurement process for Maersk Canada, ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods and services at competitive prices.


While there are no current job openings advertised for Maersk Drilling specifically, Maersk Canada offers diverse career opportunities across various departments. If you're interested in working for a global leader in logistics and possess relevant skills, it may be worthwhile to explore these positions or set up job alerts for future openings within Maersk Drilling Canada.



Here are some additional tips for your job search:Network with Professionals in the Drilling Industry: Connect with individuals working in offshore drilling on platforms like LinkedIn. This can provide valuable insights into potential opportunities within Maersk Drilling Canada, even if not explicitly advertised.

Monitor Industry Publications: Stay informed about industry trends and potential job openings by subscribing to publications or websites focused on the offshore drilling sector.

Consider Speculative Applications: While no drilling positions are currently advertised, you can still submit a resume and cover letter expressing your interest in working for Maersk Drilling Canada. Highlight your relevant skills and experience, and showcase your enthusiasm for the industry.

By following these recommendations, you can increase your chances of landing a drilling-related position at Maersk Drilling Canada, even if there aren't currently advertised openings.

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