Noble Corporation is inviting for permanent job in Canada, UK and USA - Global jobs is also available

Noble Corporation: A Leader in Offshore Drilling

Noble Corporation is a leading name in the offshore drilling industry, boasting a rich history of growth and strategic expansion. 

Since its spin-off from Noble Affiliates in 1985, the company has carved a successful path through a series of well-planned acquisitions of offshore drilling assets.

This strategic approach aligns perfectly with the ambitious goals established at the time of the spin-off. Back in 1985, Noble set its sights on achieving a dominant position in foreign drilling markets. They also aimed to significantly expand their marine drilling operations, venturing into new markets and industry segments. Ultimately, these goals were all part of a larger vision: to prepare the company to capitalize on an upswing in the offshore drilling market.

Noble's strategic acquisitions have been instrumental in achieving these goals. Through careful selection and integration of new assets, the company has steadily grown its presence and capabilities. Today, Noble operates one of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleets in the entire industry.

This modern fleet consists of 28 offshore drilling units, encompassing a diverse range of vessels:Jackups: These self-elevating mobile drilling platforms are ideal for operations in shallower waters. Their ability to raise their hulls above the water's surface provides a stable platform for drilling.

Drillships: Designed for deepwater operations, drillships are free-floating vessels that utilize advanced dynamic positioning systems to maintain their location precisely.

Semi-submersibles: Offering a blend of the capabilities of jackups and drillships, semi-submersibles are mobile drilling units with hulls that partially submerge during operation.

This diverse fleet allows Noble to tackle a wide variety of drilling projects across the globe, catering to the specific needs of different environments and depths. Their proven track record of industry-leading utilization is a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

Noble's commitment to excellence extends beyond its fleet. The company prioritizes attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce. They understand that their success hinges on the expertise and dedication of their employees. As a result, Noble offers a range of exciting career opportunities for individuals seeking to make their mark in the offshore drilling industry.

Explore a Rewarding Career with Noble

Are you interested in a challenging and rewarding career path in the dynamic world of offshore drilling? Noble Corporation offers a variety of positions across various disciplines, catering to a diverse range of skills and experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, Noble could be the perfect place to launch or advance your career.

For more information on current job openings and to learn more about the exciting opportunities available at Noble Corporation, visit their careers page. With its commitment to growth, innovation, and a skilled workforce, Noble Corporation is poised to remain a leader in the offshore drilling industry for years to come.

Latest Vacancies list global


WelderGlobal Recruiting
Crane OperatorGlobal Recruiting
Dynamic Positioning OperatorGlobal Recruiting


HSE AuditorAberdeen, UK
Floorhand – North Sea Resource PoolAberdeen, UK


Senior IT Internal AuditorSugar Land, Texas
Logistics SpecialistSugar Land, Texas
IT Business PartnerSugar Land, Texas
ERP Security AdministratorSugar Land, Texas
Executive Compensation PartnerSugar Land, Texas
Technical Superintendent – Projects & Electrical Marine SystemsSugar Land, Texas
IT Project ManagerSugar Land, Texas
Associate AccountantSugar Land, Texas
Competency Assurance ManagerSugar Land, Texas
Manager Projects ProcurementSugar Land, Texas
Project Manager-SustainabilitySugar Land, Texas
Regional Head of Human Resources – Americas & AfricaSugar Land, Texas
Senior Counsel – Commercial & OperationsSugar Land, Texas
Technical WriterSugar Land, Texas
Senior AccountantSugar Land, Texas
Technical Solutions ManagerSugar Land, Texas
HSE Systems SpecialistSugar Land, Texas

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  • For project management professionals with a technical background: technical superintendent jobs for electrical marine systems, project manager roles for renewable energy initiatives, project procurement specialist for offshore drilling projects.

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