Basic Expenses for Indian Students in Canada - Look out for these expenses

Budgeting for Canadian Dreams: A Look at Basic Expenses for Indian Students

Living and studying in Canada can be an enriching experience for Indian students. But along with the excitement comes the responsibility of managing your finances. Here's a breakdown of some basic expenses to consider:

Accommodation:On-campus residence: A safe and social option, but can cost anywhere from CAD 700 to CAD 1000 per month.
Off-campus housing: Offers more flexibility but might be pricier. Renting a shared apartment could bring the cost down to CAD 400-CAD 700 per person.

Food:Groceries: Cooking your own meals is budget-friendly. Expect to spend CAD 200-CAD 600 monthly on staples like rice (CAD 5-10 per bag), vegetables (CAD 2-5 per kg), and lentils (CAD 3-7 per kg).
Eating out: Occasional dining out can add up quickly. Factor in CAD 10-20 per meal at casual restaurants.

Non-vegetarian expenses:Chicken: A more affordable option at CAD 8-12 per kg.
Beef and mutton: Pricier cuts, costing CAD 15-20 per kg and CAD 20-25 per kg respectively.

Other expenses:Transportation: Public transit passes can range from CAD 80-120 per month. Owning a bicycle can be a cost-effective alternative for shorter distances.
Internet & Wi-Fi: Essential for studies and staying connected. Expect to pay CAD 50-80 per month for student internet plans.
Mobile phone: Prepaid plans from Koodo or Rogers can cost around CAD 20-40 monthly, depending on data usage.

Remember:These are estimated figures and can vary depending on your city, lifestyle choices, and spending habits.
Look for student discounts on groceries, transportation, and entertainment.
Consider working part-time on campus or off-campus (with proper visa permission) to ease the financial burden.

Planning and budgeting are key to navigating your Canadian student life comfortably. With a little research and responsible spending, you can focus on your studies and enjoy your time abroad!

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