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Turbolab Technologies hiring Content Writer (Remote job)

Turbolab looking for passionate and talented people.

About the Company

Turbolab Technologies is a revenue positive, bootstrapped startup and home to a plethora of products and services related to Data Analysis and Web Crawling. Over the past few years, we have ventured into Machine Learning, Image Processing, Video Analysis and more. Most of our products are for the enterprise, enabling them to use the power of data for growing their business.


  • Good English writing skills with a diligent eye for detail
  • Avid Reader of News, Blogs etc related to the world, data science, technology and marketing
  • A strong portfolio in content writing (in technical content writing would be a plus)
  • Excellent research skills
  • Looking at numbers, charts and data doesn’t scare you. 
  • Strong creative thinking skills and ability to think conceptually

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