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Free online lecture on Exploring the universe in its most extreme | Learn Astrophysics


Amateur Astronomers Organization, Kerala is an independent, non-profit, scientific and educational organization devoted to popularize astronomy, space science and allied subjects as a science as well as a hobby. The association maintains a network of like-minded individuals interested in astronomy and allied sciences and coordinate activities for students, teachers, public etc towards promoting interest in the form of activities like observation, science and astronomy education, publications, star parties, field trips, workshops and seminars, research or pure entertainment.

About Lecture 

Dr. Lab Saha, Astrophysicist from Harvard Smithsonian Centre, USA will talk about the fascinating branch of gamma-ray astronomy along with ongoing experimental activities in this field on his talk for AASTRO Public Lecture September 2021 Edition. 

Very high-energy gamma rays from space are created in the most violent processes in the universe. They are unique and powerful probes for astrophysics and fundamental physics in extreme conditions. During the last decade, the state-of-the-art gamma-ray experiments around the globe have given an enormous boost to this field through exciting discoveries of several astrophysical gamma-ray sources such as supernova remnants, pulsars, active galactic nuclei, binary systems, and gamma-ray bursts. The next generation of telescopes with an unprecedented performance will provide a significant advancement of the understanding of these sources and a huge potential for discoveries of the unexpected. The great potential of the discipline allows an impressive coverage of a diverse range of “hot topics” in modern astrophysics and cosmology. 

Date : 11th September, Saturday Time : 5.30 PM


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