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Welder jobs in Italy


Apply Before : 30/06/2021, 19:01

Education : High School Graduate

Job duties :

  1. Perform welding duties, including any preparation of site and materials, as directed.
  2. Carry out general fabrication and repair work that requires welding, torch cutting, brazing and burning operations as required.
  3. Fabricate and fit equipment, structures, tools, etc.
  4. Inspect welded joints for visible defects, correct dimensions, bead formation,  weld penetration and conformance to work order and layout specification.
  5. Obtain a permit to work prior to the commencement of any electric welding, use of oxy-acetylene and grinding equipment.
  6. Ensure that an adequate supply of consumables is available for welding operations.
  7. Perform daily inspection and maintenance on welding equipment.
  8. Assist with duties, other than welding when required, to ensure the safe and efficient  running of operations.

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