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Intel Software Innovator Program

Intel Software Innovator Program

About Intel Software Innovator Program

The Intel Software Innovator program supports innovative, independent developers who display an ability to create and demonstrate forward-looking projects by providing them with speaking and demonstration opportunities at industry events and developer gatherings. Through their expertise and innovation with cutting-edge technology, Intel Software Innovators demonstrate a spirit of ingenuity, experimentation, and forward thinking that inspires the greater developer community.

What is an Innovator?

Intel Software Innovators around the world have a few characteristics in common

Expert: Highly skilled software expert in a focus area (e.g. AI, VR, Game Dev, IOT, rendering)

Engaging Speaker: Inspiring and or effective public speakers and presenters, who can think on their feet and engage with developer directly on their work

Innovative Work: Forward leaning, inventive or otherwise impressive applications or projects on Intel architecture that can be demoed, showcased and or discussed in depth with developers

What do Innovators do?

  • Influence through technical leadership: Speakerships (GDC, MWC, SIGGRAPH), proof of concept support, meetups, and hackathons
  • Influence through technical content: White papers, content syndication, Innovator profiles, interviews, and case studies.
  • Influence through technical projects on Mesh
  • Influence through video: Multiple videos that showcase technical leadership in a variety of focuses, event videos and recaps, teaching/training video series.


  • Engineering support: Access to technical focus leads, product teams, private forums, and software engineers
  • Early information disclosures: NDA calls for access to roadmaps, access to engineers and product teams
  • Access to tools and hardware: Access to Intel hardware to support innovative projects
  • Sponsorship: Support for speakerships, meetups, trade show demos and more
  • Amplification of work: Intel marketing exposure, Intel software video and content channels

Want to join? Apply now!

Innovators provide technical leadership, inspiration, and influence worldwide to the greater developer community on Intel architecture. 

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